Who We Help

Whether you are the Very Busy Professional, Retiree, POA, Executer of an Estate or a Widow/Widower – peace of mind is just a phone call away.

My Confidant offers confidential, professional organizing and handling of all important documents, assistance with the overwhelming details of administering an estate – serving clients before, during and after a family crisis. We bring serenity and joy to a stressful situation.

Very Busy Professional

Need help going thru the mail, balancing your checkbook, paying bills, gathering tax documents or organizing your files? Let Mary Helen and My Confidant help you get your home office in order and keep it organized for you. Never again worry about misplacing an important document or making a late payment.


Responsibilities piling up on you in your retirement? My Confidant can help you through the maze of retirement documents, filings and required updates so you can enjoy the life you worked so hard to build.

POA or Executer of an Estate

Nothing is more complicated or emotional than the role of dealing with a loved one’s estate. Finding assets, insurance policies and investments can be difficult. Distributing those assets among beneficiaries, selling property and tying up the loose ends, can be even more challenging. Mary Helen will prioritize the important tasks, tackle the difficult ones and ease your burden, while giving you the opportunity to go thru your natural grieving process.


Losing a spouse is always difficult. Taking charge of the finances afterward doesn’t have to be. Mary Helen and My Confidant knows that paying bills, balancing the checkbook, filing taxes and keeping track of important documents can seem overwhelming after a loss. Even knowing where to start can be perplexing. But not to My Confidant. With years of experience, Mary Helen will step right in and organize files, review bills for accuracy, and help with bill pay to keep you current, penalty-free and unstressed.

Mary Helen guided me through the process of identifying the types of information my family members or my estate executor would need to know.


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