MyConfidant is proud and pleased to offer our LifeBook!

The LifeBook makes a great gift for parents, children, loved ones, and even friends.

Order today for an introductory price of only $49.99!

What is a LifeBook?

A LifeBook is a comprehensive family resource book covering “need to know” information for you and your family about insurances, property, banking, investments, credit cards, medical, passwords, and much more.

The benefits of having a LifeBook:

  • Saves time and money when meeting with your estate attorney and financial advisors.
  • Gives you and your loved ones security and peace of mind.
  • Eliminates the frustrating task of trying to put the “paperwork” puzzle together during life changes such as illness or death.

Everything is documented for your personal reference and makes a thoughtful gift to pass on to your loved ones when they need it the most.

How Do I Use My LifeBook?

When you order a LifeBook, you receive:

  • A 3-ring binder with dividers
  • A personal letter from Mary Helen Dennis
  • Instructions on how to put your personal book together
  • Instructions on how to set up a filing system
  • A USB flash drive with 21 preloaded PDF forms for you to fill out
  • The Maryland MOLST form
  • Health Care Decision-making worksheet
  • Survivor checklist

Store the LifeBook and USB drive in a secure place such as a fireproof safe, safe deposit box, or secured filing cabinet. In addition, leave the PDF files on the flash drive rather than copying or moving them onto your computer. This keeps the information more secure by leaving them on the USB.

Once you’re finished, make sure your estate administrator or personal representative knows where to find the LifeBook! It is an invaluable resource in case of an emergency.

Whether you or your family are faced with an immediate need to reference what you already possess, your LifeBook will remain one of the most important investments you have ever made. As with any good book, you can write your very own story one page at a time.




Mary Helen guided me through the process of identifying the types of information my family members or my estate executor would need to know.


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